I suck at rest days.  Let’s be honest — there are some weeks that are a non-stop string of rest days.  But when I’m in a groove of working out and feeling great about it, I just want to keep keeping on, rather than sit out a day and lose momentum.

I’m less healthy on rest days.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week all had significant exercise sessions, and each of these days I ate very well.  Today, rest day, I ate a huge blueberry muffin.  

I need to be honest with myself though — I need it.  After 2 days of Crossfit and last night’s soccer doubleheader, my muscles are screaming at me.  My head hurts, I’m exhausted, and every part of me knows that, momentum or not, going to a 5:45 Crossfit WOD would be a huge mistake.

I really like the idea of rest day yoga.  I’ve played around with that notion for awhile but never acted on it — maybe today’s my day?  I’m to cheap to pay for yoga classes on top of my gym membership, but perhaps would be worth investing a bit of time in poking around to find a good yoga video to do at home.  

On rest days, my FitBit is more important to me.  If I’m not working out, I need to make sure I’m walking a lot, getting my steps in, and staying active during the day.  It’s 2ish and I’m just over halfway to 10k steps, so that’s a good start.  

My best friend is getting married in October, and she picked the beautiful J. Crew silk chiffon line for her bridesmaid dresses.  Unfortunately, they’re on the pricey side, and I made the somewhat risky decision to buy mine from eBay, rather than pay full price.  I’m a pretty solid size 6 at J. Crew, and I found my $365 dress for $160 on eBay (new, with tags), so that seemed like a pretty solid deal.

Problem is — the dress is REALLY tight.  Because I didn’t try it on in the store, I have no idea if I bought the right size or if I should have sized up…but, since it’s from eBay, I don’t really have a choice — I have to either fit into this dress, or pony up for a 2nd in a larger size.  Since the dress currently zips and the wedding is just over a month away, I’ve opted for the former, and I figure I need to lose 5+ pounds for the dress to fit comfortably.

I’m hoping I can do that by getting strict with my diet — less carbs, close to no sugar.  I can survive with no treats for a month…right?  That’ll just make the cake at her wedding taste that much better…

It really is a beautiful dress.  I’ve had such good luck with weddings I’ve been in — I’ve never had to wear a horrible bridesmaid dress.  I can’t wait to look fabulous in this one!

It’s been a big year.  It’s August right now, and, since January, I’ve had two major life changes: starting a new job after almost a decade in my old position, and getting engaged.

Fall is always the time when I look at starting new things, getting organized, and taking on new adventures — I’ve never been able to get away from measuring my life by the academic calendar!  I’ve got some smaller changes going on — a new gym membership, giving up a long-time hobby and taking on something new, learning to budget and wedding-plan — and someone told me that writing down my goals, thoughts, and challenges would help me stay on track and accountable.

Here’s me, now.  I’m an occasional crossfitter who too-often spends money for a gym membership she doesn’t use.  I try to be gluten and dairy free, but I tend to put cream in my coffee and otherwise slip-up somewhere in the vicinity of 10-15x a week.  Tonight is my last game with a soccer team I’ve played with for over 3 years, and, starting in just over a week, I’m going to take adult beginner ice skating classes.  I spend the majority of the money I make.  I don’t enjoy wedding planning and I’m overwhelmed by the process.

Here’s me, in a year: I want to be using the gym at least 3x a week, consistently.  I want to be mostly paleo, with planned cheat meals, and 100% gluten and dairy free.  I want to keep trying new things.  I want to develop and live by a budget that fits my current situation and lifestyle.  And I want to have planned and pulled-off a beautiful, fun, budget wedding.  image

Here’s me, today.  
Today’s meals: Green smoothie (almond milk, banana, kale, whey protein) for breakfast; butternut squash soup and spinach/chicken salad for lunch.  No idea what’s for dinner — need to be better about planning ahead!  Cashews and a Kind bar for snacks.  Lots of coffee, of course.
Today’s exercise: soccer game, possibly two — it’s the playoffs, so if we win game #1, we’ll play a 2nd.
Today’s mood: better than yesterday!  

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Snow day.

Rayburn tunnels.

Blood orange.

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Live a little bigger.

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